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Vermont Becomes First State To Require GMO Labeling

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin made history today by signing the nation's first GMO labeling law. This new law will require any food product containing genetically modified products to be clearly labeled. The new law will take effect in January 2016.

Source: USA Today

Congressman Proposes Bill To Ban GMO Labeling Laws

A congressman from Kansas is proposing a bill that would prevent states from passing their own laws to require that genetically modified foods be labeled. Republican Mike Pompeo's bill, which he had the gall name the "Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act", would override any state law requiring GMO labeling.

Why on earth would he want to prevent consumers from knowing whether their food is genetically modified? Here's what he had to say:

"We've got a number of states that are attempting to put together a patchwork quilt of food labeling requirements with respect to genetic modification of foods. That makes it enormously difficult to operate a food system. Some of the campaigns in some of these states aren't really to inform consumers but rather aimed at scaring them. What this bill attempts to do is set a standard."

Sorry Pompeo, but we're not buying it.

Source: Reuters

Vermont to Require GMO Labeling

Vermont's legislature has just passed a bill requiring all foods containing GMOs to be labeled. Governor Shumlin has stated that he will sign the bill into law. Once that happens, Vermont will become the very first US state to require GMO labeling.

Source: USA Today

GMO Labeling Bill Being Pushed in Florida

In Florida, one state representative is fighting to get genetically modified foods in super markets labeled. Proposed by Representative Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda, Florida House Bill 1 would require that all genetically engineered raw agricultural commodities and any processed foods made with genetically engineered ingredients be labeled.

The bill is currently in committee, which means it's still a long way from becoming law.

Source: WTSP TV

Are GMOs Bad For Your Health?

Fox News takes a look at the merits of genetically modified crops. They note that GMO crops fail to outperform their non-GMO counterparts, and that much is unknown about the health affects of consuming genetically modified foods.

Source: Fox News

Kroger and Safeway Say No To GMO Salmon

While the FDA debates whether genetically modified salmon (AKA "frankenfish") will become the first GMO animal approved for human consumption, retailers are taking a stand. Kroger and Safeway have announced that they will not sell the GMO salmon, even if the FDA approves it.

Source: LA Times

Genetically Modified Foods Making Inroads In India

India's new Environment Minister, Veerappa Moily, seems to be cozying up to the GMO crop industry. At the behest of big GMO seed providers, Moily has approved field trials of 200 genetically modified crops. The result? Outrage from citizens and health groups, as well as a 77% increase in Monstanto share price.

Source: Centre For Research On Globalization